More easily accessible data

You will bring together all the data for a specific use within a single solution controlled and managed in accordance with your standards of security and confidentiality. This allows to minimize the risks of data leaks by controlling the file lifecycle process and boosting user productivity by facilitating their access to the data.

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Protecting data against IT malfunctions

Online backups are the safest method to ensure that you can resume your activities after an IT malfunction. You can store your data securely in remote data centers, totally independent from your infrastructure, so your data will be available as soon as you need it. You can easily restore all or part of the backed up data s, on the desired system.

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Long-term data storage

You can optimize your company’s long-term data storage while making it accessible to users. You can define the right archiving strategies for your activities to ensure long-term survival of your data. Finally, you can choose to store the data on the Oodrive Cloud intended for cold data or locally on LTO tape libraries.

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