Be more effective

when publishing your requests for information and proposals and selecting your suppliers.

Increase the visibility of your requests for information and proposals

Your RFIs (Request For Information) and RFPs (Requests for Proposal) are easy to identify and organize. Receive more proposals from suppliers.

Minimize the costs of unsuccessful requests for information and proposals

By enlarging the set of competing offers, you can reduce the number of unsuccessful requests for information and proposals and strengthen your bargaining position at the same time.

Fast selection of suppliers

Thanks to the online tool, you can request and validate selections with just a few clicks.

You’ll be more effective

in managing your procurement processes, whether for public or private contracts, single bidders or consortia.

Centralized information

Publications, supplementary information documents, replies and various communications with suppliers are centralized within a single, secure space. You can keep all the documents and access them easily in just a few instants.

A controlled, streamlined procurement process

The different legal entities of your group can publish within the same environment from an intuitive, easy to use platform. Moreover, TenderLink’s interoperability allows to reduce data entry mistakes by connecting to other software used in-house (e.g., SAP).

Cost control

By going paperless in your tender-based purchasing, you can cut down on mailing, printing and delivery services.

Ensure the security and confidentiality

of communications in the procurement process

The confidentiality of replies is assured

All the replies are encrypted with a public key and sealed by means of a timestamp token produced by a trusted third party. Only authorized persons can access them.

Your data will remain yours

Protected by the most advanced technologies and hosted in France, within the EU legal framework, the maximum protection of privacy for corporate data.

Compliance with the public procurement code

For public purchasing agents: you will use a solution that complies with the rules of public procurement and, in anticipation of 2018, with the national plan of paperless public procurement.

“When Oodrive first contacted us, we were using an extranet solution with limited functionalities that prevented us from meeting our deadlines. The iExtranet platform makes us more efficient by allowing us to send our documents and photos to various recipients within hours after a show or event."

Thoai Niradeth, Production & Events Manager at Jean-Paul Gaultier

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“We didn't hesitate a second before placing our trust in Oodrive again.” BoardNox suits our needs exactly, in terms of both mobility and confidentiality.”

Philippe Pung, MEDEF's ISD

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