Why become an Oodrive partner?

Our business is the ideal partner for your business!
Oodrive is at the heart of Cloud solutions, secure, collaborative and mobile.
These subject areas are among the fastest-growing market sectors.
Don’t miss out! Become an official Oodrive partner.
High performance is born of trust, not only in our products but also in our partnership.
Our Partner Program gives you access to a wide range of solutions that you can package to meet your customers’ needs.
Our partners are stakeholders in Oodrive. We’ll support you with your business opportunities,, marketing campaigns and development.
Profit from our experience and expertise to expand your range of goods and services for your clients!

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A Partner Program that’s tailor-made for me? Yes!

Our Partner Program has been designed and implemented to meet the challenges of different types of partners:

Value-Added Reseller (VAR) partners: You will resell our products together with the services you provide to your clients to expand your portfolio and attract new clients ;

Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner: You will package Oodrive solutions in your own products to enhance your innovation and meet your clients’ needs with perfect peace of mind;

Systems Integrator (SI) partners: You’ll support your clients as an integration expert on major projects, using Oodrive’s wide range of products to meet your clients’ business challenges;

Consulting partners: You will advise your clients from the very start of their major projects in digital transformation, while recommending Oodrive’s most suitable technological solutions.

Financial terms adapted to your resources

Our program is custom-made for your current capacities and interests.

Building a partnership step by step. You will be rewarded each step of the way!

– Does an Oodrive product clearly meet your clients’ needs? Form a sales team to develop that market and you will get a rebate or commission on each project.

– And further … Are your clients showing an interest in another Oodrive product? Test out the market, form a smaller team and benefit from an adjusted rebate or commission.

– From time to time… do you see a promising project taking shape? Get a business introducer’s commission if you find a project that you bring to Oodrive as a potential supplier.

Experienced sales support

We will speed up your sales by teaching you our know-how.

We consider our partners the same as our own teams. So let’s share!

– Support designed to help you clinch projects. You will get certified online training for starters, continuing with support for your Channel Manager in pre-sales, selling and tendering phases, and a long-term follow-up with specific webinars for partners.

– Tried and tested tools. What guarantees our success is your freedom of action and your independence. Take advantage of all the same tools we use ourselves: our brochures, presentations, elevator pitch, demonstration videos, FAQs, technical prerequisites, etc.

– Regular follow-up of your opportunities. Communication between our teams is a top priority. We’ll provide a shared model we can use together to pursue our partnership and take advantage of all our current and future opportunities.

Meaningful marketing support

Capitalize on our achievements to reach out to your own target audience.

Talking about what you do is quite a subject! Lucky for you, it’s part of our daily routine.
– Tried and tested tools. What could be simpler than giving you what we have already made. Co-brand our product brochures and e-mails to reach your targets. Use our teaser videos business cases to convince your prospective buyers.
– Marketing collaboration designed for business. Together, we can imagine the marketing campaigns best suited to speed up your sales in the first year, according to your commitments as a partner.
– Share in our visibility. Be mentioned on our website, compete for partner trophies, get people talking about you on the social networks – it is by coordinating all the little things that big things get done!

Our partners

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