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El DRP para proteger su información ante desastres informáticos

La copia de seguridad en SaaS Desde 2013, la mayor parte de los trabajos realizados por especialistas en informática giran…

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Infographics – Digital acceleration of businesses

Digital transformation is a concept now well integrated by companies : profits, profitability, performance ... They are aware of the advantages that the digital can bring to their activity. But what stage are they at ? What obstacles still lie ahead ? What does such a project consist of ? Read more : How backing up your sensitive data to…

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How backing up your sensitive data to the cloud can benefit your business

Saving data using traditional physical media kept on the company's premises presents a host of limitations and risks which can now be overcome thanks to the cloud. But does this technological solution really make your data more secure? Why is it so important for a business to protect what is considered to be the 'oil of the 21st century'? How…

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Turn a company into a collective – with digital tools

More and more companies are turning to collaborative working these days, especially in view of the rise of digital tools. And it’s not just a fad. It’s a way of helping businesses to perform better. Centralized data, smoother exchanges, higher productivity, increased mobility, and more secure working environments are some of the reasons why companies are seizing the benefits of…

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The digital workplace – a place for efficient and collaborative working

The concept of a digital workplace is becoming a lot more popular within businesses. But what is it exactly? You could say it’s the workstation 2.0. A development on the back of the digital boom, responding to newly emerging needs. Office stationery and aging communication methods are being gradually replaced by digital tools which offer new opportunities for collaboration and…

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Oodrive, el socio de confianza para la gestión de datos sensibles

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