Infographics – Secure web navigation

IT departments and users want to enjoy flexibility when browsing the web. But how can they guarantee the highest level…

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Blockchain: a secure, decentralized database that’s impossible to forge

Blockchain. The word is everywhere. You’ve probably been hearing the media talking about it for several years. But what is…

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How can the cloud solve the problems your customers face every day?

Never lose any photos or videos from your smartphone again   Photos, videos, contact lists, emails, schedules... our smartphones store…

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Why don’t we get rid of paper?

Digital technology is now a major part of our everyday life. Shopping on the web, transferring payments online, sending an…

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Digital archiving : a lifeline for the AV sector

Not only do we generate a growing amount of data every day, but that data is getting bigger and bigger…

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Hybrid cloud – the third way for your data

Many companies nowadays are turning to cloud solutions to automate and manage their operations, but also to structure their business…

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Corporate browsers: an end to compatibility problems at last ?

Most businesses these days are looking to implement a shared technical platform that every single one of their employees can use…

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