¿Por qué instalar un software de backup – copia de seguridad? ¿Cómo escogerlo?

La pérdida accidental de información provoca nervios así como reduce la productividad. Por lo tanto, la copia de seguridad es…

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Envío seguro de ficheros en línea

Algunas empresas, departamentos de marketing, impresores y agencias gráficas, necesitan intercambiar ficheros grandes a diario. Oodrive ofrece soluciones para compartir ficheros en línea al tiempo que garantiza una alta privacidad. La utilidad del envío de ficheros en línea El trabajo colaborativo implica la participación de varias personas en el mismo proyecto, tanto usuarios internos (empleados de la misma empresa) como…

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Intranet vs extranet Oodrive


Intranet vs extranet, ¿cuáles son las diferencias? ¿Sus ventajas?

La revolución tecnológica y la aparición de las TIC están llevando a empresas públicas y privadas a utilizar nuevas herramientas destinadas a optimizar la productividad de sus empleados. Entre estas herramientas, intranet y extranet ya han sido adoptadas por un gran número de organizaciones. A menudo se confunden, por ello es necesario conocer el papel de cada una para usarlas…

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Infographics – The benefits of going paperless for your board meetings

Today, solutions exist that can help throughout the life-cycle of these meetings. Ergonomic and intuitive, they facilitate upstream preparation by reducing email exchanges and the sending of paper documents. Furthermore, they also offer a secure way to exchange files and messages with no risk of them being intercepted by third parties, from writing the agenda to sharing the minutes of…

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Virtual data room: the ideal solution for mergers and acquisitions

When it comes to mergers and acquisitions (M&A), companies often distribute, share, and consult a huge amount of information. Sometimes strictly confidential. And if the topic is somewhat sensitive, data security is a major issue. But not the only issue. So what solution is best suited to help you improve, speed up, and simplify the sharing of sensitive data? To…

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How can the cloud help your employees to stay productive on the go?

Mobile devices are all around us. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops play a huge part in our work, as much as they do in our personal life. With these devices right at the heart of digital transformation, employees want to be able to access their data, whenever and wherever they are. This means mobility is now a major challenge for companies.…

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Board meetings: Top tips for drafting your minutes

Lots of topics are discussed at executive, supervisory, and management board meetings. Keeping a record of the issues talked about is vital for any company, given their complexity and the length of time between meetings. To help keep track of everything brought up in discussions, governance bodies produce minutes. The legislation, like the French Commercial Code for exemple, requires board…

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How can you boost performance with synchronization ?

In today’s business world, colleagues want to stay productive, while enjoying the freedom to work on the move at the same time. The days of needing a desk to sign a contract or deal with suppliers based abroad are truly over. In the age of the cloud, synchronization tools (known as sync & share) are the perfect match for these…

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